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Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Powder

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is a new kind of broad-spectrum and highly effective disinfectant, a strong oxidizer. Not poisonous to the human body in the proper dosage of, mainly be used in cooling water and recycled water treatment. It is also widely applied in the petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, oil-field, the fertilizer industry.

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Chlorine dioxide tablet is a transportable, non-explosive, single composite chlorine dioxide tablets, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safely into a long-lasting active chlorine dioxide solution.

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Liquid

A liquid is the light yellowish solution, basic, easily soluble in water and alcohol. Sodium chlorite is stable in normal condition, it releases Toxicity and explosive gas(chlorine dioxide) when heat or meet acid.when Fuel fire, it can fueling the fire. If contact with reducing substances, it is easy to explode or burn.

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Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide for Hospital

Decontaminating pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is essential for producing safe and pure drugs. The most commonly used decontaminant in the industry has been sublimated formaldehyde. In June 2004, however, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified formaldehyde as carcinogenic to humans.
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Chlorine Dioxide for Swimming pool

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant that is preferred by many regulating water utilities and supply authorities for final discharge disinfection. Chlorine dioxide controls bacteria such as E. coli and other coliforms. It does not accumulate in the environment and can be used to reduce the growth of troublesome biofilms, iron bacteria, algae and other organisms known to contribute to wastewater and effluent fouling problems.
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Chlorine Dioxide Gas Fumigation System

“Rapi-G” is an advance Gas disinfection system, Developed by Kresko Projects Pvt. Ltd. after long research work. It is not require any machine or instrument, This kit is having two powder Reagents RX and RY, After mix these two reagents and add some prescribed amount of water, it immediately start releasing the Chlorine Dioxide Gas from it. This ClO2 gas is having more oxidizing ( Bacteria, virus & Spore killing) capacity in comparison to Ozone, Chlorine, Hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde and Non carcinogenic etc.

Benefits Of Rapi-G Gas Fumigation System

1.No need any fogging machine
2.No Need of covering the equipment
3.No Need post moping
4.It is food grade no harm
5.It will eliminate all viruses, bacteria, fungi and their spores.
6.Very low quantity required, no side & long term effects.
7.Being a gas, it reaches every corner of the room.
8.Effective on H1N1 Viruses
9.Safe for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Equipment and Components.
10.Safe for food processing and the fruits and vegetable
11.Safe for human intake also ( In a limit )
12.ClO2 is Registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as a sterilizer.
13.Can use at multiple gas release points

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The product offered is strictly in compliance with the International Standards and Norms. We have trustworthy shipping facilities available to make on-time deliveries to the destination.

Owing to our renowned name, we are considered as one of the trusted Suppliers of multipurpose cleaner. Since incorporation, our organization has sustained its procedure to make delivery within the postulated time. Therefore, we assure to distribute goods to patrons' doorsteps on the day promised.

Our organization is renowned as reliable distributor in the industry and based in the well-connected state of Maharashtra(India). We are capable of delivering consistent and qualitative results by carrying out strict quality examinations.

Chlorine Dioxide for Waste Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant that is preferred by many regulating water utilities and supply authorities for final discharge disinfection. Chlorine dioxide controls bacteria such as E. coli and other coli forms. It does not accumulate in the environment and can be used to reduce the growth of troublesome biofilms, iron bacteria, algae and other organisms known to contribute to waste water and effluent fouling problems.

Freshly slaughtered poultry or other meat products are contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. These microorganisms are present both on the surfaces of the animals, as well as in the intestinal tracts immediately after slaughter. To ensure product safety, recent federal regulations require microbiological testing rather than visual inspection. These regulations require that carcasses be tested for Salmonella. Chlorine dioxide has been used very successfully in food, meat, slaughterhouse as a processing aid that is added to process water maintaining good microbial quality thereby impacting on the quality maintenance and shelf life of the produce.

Diseases and infections have always been a major concern to the poultry industry--especially in the hatchery. Microorganisms are everywhere! Some are relatively harmless while others are highly pathogenic. Some pose a lethal threat to one species of animal while remaining harmless to another species. Some organisms are easily destroyed while others are very difficult to eliminate. Treat all microorganisms as if they are a severe threat to the chick's livelihood. Chlorine dioxide, with its broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, can deliver kills against a wide range of microorganisms over shorter periods of contact time. Chlorine dioxide, when properly applied, minimizes toxic residues as it doesn't produce halogenated organic by-products.

Chlorine Dioxide Powder

Our Chlorine Dioxide Powder finds usage in Potable Water Treatment, Cooling Tower, Pharmaceutical Industry, Sanitization of fruits and vegetables, etc. To make payment procedures crystal clear and secured as well, we have trustworthy employees and they make certain that the transactions are done keeping in mind the guidelines and clients' convenience. With our expertise in the industry, we are engaged in offering the best range of Chlorine Dioxide Powder at very affordable rates.

Chlorine dioxide is an interesting alternative to Chlorine because of the completely different relationship involved, between action and reaction. Chlorine dioxide produces no organic, chlorine compounds with those contaminants most frequently found in water, e.g. Chloro phenols or halogenated Hydrocarbons (for example Halo forms such as Chloroform which is considered carcinogenic). The compounds formed from the reaction of Chlorine dioxide with organic water contaminants are therefore largely negligible in terms of sensory or toxicity considerations. This makes Chlorine dioxide an ideal disinfectant for the treatment of drinking water and process water or for circuit water systems. Chlorine dioxide is effective against water bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium, giardia, botulism. e.coli. & cholera.

Algae control is one of the more frustrating challenges for farmers. This problem has steadily become worse in recent years and growers are recognizing significant financial losses attributed to algae and the production problems they cause. It is frustrating because while algae are living organisms, eliminating them does not fall under the normal protocols of pest control. Algae are not insects and cannot be controlled by insecticides. Nor are they a fungus that can be controlled by fungicides. Algae and bio-film are able to form a symbiotic relationship -- what one needs, the other provides. It's a relationship that keeps feeding itself, which is a major point in understanding why algae control is so difficult. Bio-film is able to provide algae with enough nutrients to substitute for their need of light to create such nutrients. This allows algae to flourish in irrigation lines.

Chlorine Dioxide for Oil & Gas

Polymers added to injection water for increasing water viscosity and sweep efficiencies. Such plugging decreases well production. In response to this problem, a well-established technique is to inject chlorine dioxide into the well. Chlorine dioxide rapidly oxidizes the naturally occurring iron compounds, and also is effective at breaking up and removing organic solids and added polymers. Chlorine Dioxide treatments reduce: Iron Sulfide (FeS) - ClO2 destroys the FeS it contacts. The FeS will not re-precipitate, as it can with conventional acid jobs. Bactericide - ClO2 is a biocide that kills bacteria by destroying the bacteria's cell walls, leaving the water sterile. Polymers & Residue - ClO2 breaks most frac & polymer flood polymers and reduces or eliminates polymer residue. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - ClO2 oxidizes on contact, reducing H2S levels significantly. Since ClO2 destroys bacteria, bacteria-generated H2S can be dramatically reduced. ClO2 is dispersible in oil, water, and organic solvents.

As is known, the peel of fruits and raw vegetables, while having high contents of vitamins and mineral salts, contains on the surface many microbes, bacteria and other polluting substances originating from the fertilizers employed in the production, as well as from various birds, animals, and insects, atmospheric agents, etc. Tossing fruits and vegetables into baskets or boxes may not leave visible bruises and damage, but decay will begin under the skin. Seemingly sturdy vegetables such as sweet potatoes are actually quite tender and will not store well if bruised. Endemic in nature so impossible to predict where it will occur next. The largest issue facing the fruit & vegetable industry is improving the shelf life of the produce Chlorine dioxide is an excellent product for washing vegetables. It has the ability to kill spores, fungi, and viruses at low concentrations. Chlorine dioxide is a proven product that can be used to solve many food-related problems. It does not affect taste, odor or appearance.

Chlorine dioxide is one of the most widely used delignification/bleaching agents in the pulp and paper industry, providing a high-quality, low-cost delignification and bleaching process. Chlorine dioxide treatment is superior to chlorine bleaching processes in that it virtually eliminates all dioxin discharges into the environment, and has accordingly, helped pulp and paper manufacture to employ environmentally friendly processes and to meet environmental requirements. Accordingly, the use of chlorine dioxide treatment is increasing and most pulp and paper mills now have at least one chlorine dioxide delignification or bleaching stage. Chlorine dioxide treatment has also been used to treat wastewater, sludge, and another process stream.

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